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Try to count how many times a day you hear words like “elite”, “exclusive”, or “premium”. It seems like there are no product groups left without their own premium class: cars, furniture, clothing, home appliances, wines and liquors… Recently even some potato chips received “premium class” branding and flooded the shelves of supermarkets selling at fairly affordable price.

Of course, the latter example is quite hilarious. I think the demand for elite potato ships is rather questionable. But the demand for “luxury” computers really exists. There is a stable and quite diverse market for high-end audio and video equipment with variety of brands, different showrooms, and illustrated magazines. However, there is no such market for personal computers.

Of course, a well-off person can easily buy a powerful and reliable PC produced by a famous maker. However, it is likely that on the outside this computer will glance dismally with its cheap plastic, and its appearance will be nothing but ordinary. We don’t’ really expect a PC to have exclusive design featuring inserts of exotic woods.

This is niche is filled with Skyhigh computers. The company is sort of a tuning studio in the world of computers. Skyhigh products are exclusive and tailor-made catering for the client’s taste and the design of the interior where the PC will be placed.

The source of inspiration are premium car emblems.

It was no accident that when discussing the Skyhigh logo, among other brands the first ones mentioned were Bentley and Aston Martin. There was something else that the future logo had in common with cars: the clients were planning to place it on their computers the way auto manufacturers do.

The wings came quite naturally when developing the logo: it is enough to take a look at the picture above to understand why. However, it would have been a mistake to fully copy the esthetics of rich car emblems. A car is more a of stand-alone product, which doesn’t really depend on the surroundings, whereas home appliances always exist in the context of the interior, furniture, and other appliances nearby.

That is why the designed logo maintained a certain degree of pomp typical for luxury cars. At the same time it was deprived of small details being quite minimalistic: it doesn’t try to impose itself on the viewer, but just slightly emphasizes the status of one of the many things in the room.

Besides the image of the wing, the logo expressly reveals the first letter of the company name.

The logo provides an elegant solution for Skyhigh positioning as a premium brand in the computer hardware market helping the company occupy the undeveloped market segment.

Yuri, thank you for the excellent work! It turned out even better than we expected. In the future we’ll definitely continue our cooperation!

Dmitriy Kadyrov, TopMods