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A smiling baby elephant became the brand ambassador for a tourist web portal devoted to Thailand. Indeed, elephant is the country’s national symbol. It is a holy animal representing the three foundations of Thailand: religion, the people, and the king. Thailand is the only country in the world celebrating the Elephant Day (March 13th).

Up or down? In the traditional eastern iconography, an elephant with a raised trunk symbolizes freedom and changes, whereas an elephant with a trunk down is believed to protect the house and is a sign of fertility. Of course, the first variant fits the tourism theme better.

The peculiar «horse blanket» gives the theme additional Thai coloring. It is made in the Kra-Chang style – an element of the traditional Thai ornament. The Kra-Chang and its dozen variations are based on a stylized representation of the lotus flower.

Kra-Chang: canonic construction and real ornament.

Besides the logo, a set of thematic icons was also developed.

Some of the icons for the project also reflect these typical ornaments.