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Ide Ide is a software company from Indonesia. All Indonesian software engineers want to work for it. The company itself aspires to become no less than an “Indonesian Google”. “Ide” in the Indonesian language means “idea”, whereas “ide ide” means “many ideas”, “imagination” (that’s how the plural is formed in Indonesian).

The clients were ready for a captivating and daring solution, most probably being under the impression of their idol’s logo – Google.

It is difficult to call Google’s logo a standard one for a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

As is often the case with clients, this one came to me after seeing a catchy symbol: GreenLabs’ logo combining a tree and brain. At first he also wanted to see a certain degree of anatomy in his logo. As a result, the first sketch displayed a symbiosis of human brain and an apple, where the left part symbolized generation of ideas and the right part ensured freshness and creativity.

A smart apple. But not Apple.

Interesting direction, but what else can metaphorically display an idea? More exactly, a lot of ideas? So many that the head is about to explode?

Stop. The head won’t explode if subjected to surgery that would let the ideas break free.

Surgery plan.

Ready! Now we see what the ideas really look like. They are actually arrows painted with all the colours of the rainbow. How in the world could they all fit in?

The patients: from realistic to abstract. A happy medium was what we chose.

So, the surgery was over, and the client received a brilliant and quite extravagant logo. He could now claim to be called the “Indonesian Google”!

The black-and-white version of the logo is as expressive as the coloured one.