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GreenLabs designs web sites, but the company strongly opposes being called a “design studio”. GreenLabs focuses on web development and engineering, but not on artistic design. Web sites developed by GreenLabs are just visible parts of complex IT systems that integrate personnel, customers, and partners of the client company.

That is why the company name features the word “Labs” (laboratory). That is also the reason why GreenLabs desires to emphasize that its services are high-tech and intellectual in nature.

The logo was designed following the way paved by the company name. “GreenLabs” is a combination of natural (“green”) and technocratic elements.
The first ideas to combine these elements in the logo were based on “laboratory” images, i.e. a test tube, chemical formulae, etc.

A rejected idea.

However, a laboratory can truly be called a lab not just because of its tools and equipment. A lab is a place where intellectual efforts are concentrated. It’s the place where human brain is the main tool.

Brain can hardly be called the most esthetic object, yet it’s alive. Alive like the crown of a tree! And it does in a way resemble a tree crown.

The rest is a matter of technique! And so was born this paradoxical image of a brain-tree, a logo that emphasized the strengths of the company and at the same time aroused curiosity in the viewers trying to make sense of this “visual pun”.