Web service logo Sertifi

Web service logo

The history of one of my best known logos (judging at least by the number of appearances in various top lists) began with a letter, whose authors requested not to print it on paper.

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Software company logo Ide Ide

Software company logo
Ide Ide

Ide Ide is a software company from Indonesia. All Indonesian software engineers want to work for it. The company itself aspires to become no less than an “Indonesian Google”.

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IT Company Logo GreenLabs

IT Company Logo

GreenLabs designs web sites, but the company strongly opposes being called a “design studio”. GreenLabs focuses on web development and engineering, but not on artistic design.

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Web Studio Logo Agilis

Web Studio Logo

Agilis web studio specializes in solutions for sites selling complex b2b products.
The price of such products (for example, insurance or printing services) depends on many parameters. The more complicated the purchase is, the less leads come from the web site.

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Sports nutrition store logo Strongart

Sports nutrition store logo

The store is not purely men-oriented; a lot of products are quite popular with women as well. That is why it was required to find an image that would appeal both to men and women, an image of power, but not aggression.

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Japanese gadgets shop On-Up.ru

Japanese gadgets shop

On-Up is an online shop selling quaint Japanese gadgets, which are half useful, half crazy. A charming droid robot became the logo’s hero.

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Medical center logo Dupuytren Center

Medical center logo
Dupuytren Center

Dupuytren’s contracture is a hand tissue disorder where the fingers bend towards the palm and cannot be fully straightened. It is an inherited disease affecting more men than women and more elderly people than the young.

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Graphic software developer logo Akvis

Graphic software developer logo

What do you do if your company logo resembles that of your main competitor, and your rival is a worldwide renowned company and a leader in the market?

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Web hosting logo Bel.by

Web hosting logo

How justified and effective is it to use national symbols in logos and corporate identities? The set of well recognizable symbols for any country is quite limited, but the number of companies who would like to use it is enormous.

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Woodworking company logo Greenwood

Woodworking company logo

This award-winning mark for a woodworking company GreenWood is a combination of several abstract shapes forming together an image of two fir-trees.

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Sweepstakes logo Royal Races

Sweepstakes logo
Royal Races

There are times when the client want look “rich”, and such a desire for “gold and diamonds” is quite justified. It is difficult to image a casino with white walls and hi-tech styled tables.

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Computer brand logo Skyhigh

Computer brand logo

Try to count how many times a day you hear words like “elite”, “exclusive”, or “premium”. It seems like there are no product groups left without their own premium class.

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Beograde map guide logo Infograd

Beograde map guide logo

Infograd is an electronic map guide of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The symbolism of the logo is quite simple: it’s a book (a guide) and a folded map at the same time.

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Real estate agency logo Singapore Rainbow

Real estate agency logo
Singapore Rainbow

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a logo for a company with the name “Singapore Rainbow” is, of course, the image of a rainbow. Needless to say, it’s not the best idea at all.

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Movie organizer logo DVD Chief

Movie organizer logo
DVD Chief

DVD Chief is a movie organizer software for your home DVD collection. You can enter your movie titles, or simply keep inserting the discs one after another for the program to fill in your movie database completely automatically by connecting to an Internet database.

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Personal logo Granin

Personal logo

Michael Granin is a one-man band. An entrepreneur, a citizen of the world, one of the founders of SoftIdentity – a well-known company in the shareware community, and an ardent advocate of eastern spiritual practices. A brilliant man charged with positive energy and willing to share it with people around him.

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Canned seafood brand logo Fishmarket

Canned seafood brand logo

Do not let the name of this trademark mislead you: preserved fish (mainly tuna) is only a part of the company’s product line. Its main products are canned seafood from Southeast Asia: crabs, shrimps, squids, and octopuses.

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Tourist Portal Logo My Thailand

Tourist Portal Logo
My Thailand

Up or down? In the traditional eastern iconography, an elephant with a raised trunk symbolizes freedom and changes, whereas an elephant with a trunk down is believed to protect the house and is a sign of fertility.

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