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What do you do if your company logo resembles that of your main competitor, and your rival is a worldwide renowned company and a leader in the market? You can try to comfort yourself with the fact that historically your logo appeared first. You can also prepare for legal actions. But what you could also do is try to redesign your logo.

That is exactly what the management of Akvis did, when after another rebranding the Adobe Reader logo started bearing a startling resemblance to that of their own. Akvis is a developer of over a dozen of graphic programs and plug-ins for artists, photographers, and designers, i.e. they and Adobe are players of the same market. Under such circumstances it was considered unreasonable to continue using the old logo.

Akvis old logo and Adobe Reader logo.

Akvis’ old logo and Adobe Reader logo.

The client wanted to maintain continuity with the old logo at the same time avoiding the typical handwritten style of the letter A. One of the suggested characters of the new logo was a stylized depiction of a horse as a metaphor of beauty, self-expression, and freedom of art.

A horse is a fertile ground for stylizing. From prehistoric rock painting to equestrian statues of kings, man depicted a horse thousands of times in any style one can possibly imagine.

With Akvis, it became possible, on one hand, to convey the expressiveness of a drawing, and on the other, to avoid too many details and make the logo laconic. Moreover, another task was solved: the old logo was quite static and unemotional because of its square shape, whereas the new symbol appeared to be more dynamic with the horse going beyond the bounds of the square both literally and figuratively speaking.

Excellent work over a reasonable period of time. Completely and adequately understands the subject. Considers the client’s wishes, demonstrates high quality synthesis and outstanding results!

Sergei Galenko, Akvis