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Agilis web studio specializes in solutions for sites selling complex b2b products.

The price of such products (for example, insurance or printing services) depends on many parameters. The more complicated the purchase is, the less leads come from the web site. Clients get lost in complicated forms and interfaces, and as a result they have to spend a lot of time talking with managers or studying price lists and confusing tables listing various conditions.

Such situations are handled by Agilis, who create convenient and user-friendly price calculators, input forms, and interfaces. Their mission is to make complicated things simple.


Specific images traditionally related to the IT sector and web studios in particular are limited to a narrow and rather trite set of symbols. It would be a mistake to incorporate the subject theme into a web studio logo.

What could be much more productive is to go for an abstract or half-abstract form that would emotionally communicate the company’s objective: to transform site visitors into actual buyers.

The designed logo conveys the feeling of free flight and unobstructed movement forward. (By the way, the word agilis in Latin means “quick, nimble, agile”.) The design of “wings”, on one hand representing integrity and unity, and on the other consisting of many parts, uniquely reflects comprehensive services rendered by the company.


The use of gradients, color overlay, and pseudo 3D appearance make the logo look quite contemporary. So contemporary that it got listed among the trendsetters in 2012 Logo Trends by LogoLounge. At the same time the logo can be easily reproduced in three-, two-, and single-colour variants.